Work With the Experts in Concrete Placing and Finishing

Concrete Done With Love is certainly a different name, and certainly, one that no one forgets! Kurt Luscombe started in 1970 approaching his craft with care and a concern for quality and customer service. By 1983, he was growing the business and the company was incorporated.

The philosophy of Concrete Done with Love is to maintain a high standard of quality through performance, expertise, integrity, quality, and safety on the part of everyone in the company. This is demonstrated by working efficiently both in the field and by the administration of projects and keeping the lines of communication open among everyone.

Our company has always been driven to provide the best concrete placing and finishing that is possible and doing it at a competitive price, as well as developing better techniques and using state-of-the-art equipment to do a better job in less time. We will go to almost any length to ensure our customers receive outstanding service from the beginning until the job is finished. As a result, we have developed long-standing relationships with many customers and general contractors.

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The members of our crew at Concrete Done With Love are Craftsmen who take pride in all aspects of their work.

Our company enjoys an excellent work reputation in Tucson for its high quality, performance, and safe work practices on all projects. We are known for our promptness, courtesy, and dependability.